Why use South London Export Club

Why use South London Export Club?
Well situated to serve throughout the UK and Internationally, the services we offer are as comprehensive or as limited as needed.

Typical Clients:
•    UK start up businesses
•    UK first time exporters or those looking to improve exports – we act as an outsourced export resource without any cost
•    Businesses looking to export to the UK – market evaluation, agent, distributor or partner identification
•    Businesses growing in markets against steep competition and high duty industries/ regions
•    Management teams looking for new ideas, direction and opportunities or focus

The wide field of international commercial agreements is a complex one, where experienced help and advice can not only save an exporting company time but also enable it to avoid expensive pitfalls. South London Export Club regularly advise on:

-  Draft agreements in specific countries
-  Draft Joint Venture agreements
-  Refer ‘Assessments for CE-marking’ for specified goods
-  Advise and refer Assessors for the Intellectual Property evaluation of patents, registered designs, design rights, trade names, trade-marks and copyright

South London Export Club regularly advise on Agents and Distributors and we can:
- Review existing agency agreements and advise on a position where no written agreements exist
-  Advise on and draft new agreements for use in EU and other countries
-  Advise on the planning and implementation of agency networks
-  Assist in checking and negotiating with agents

South London Export Club can:
- Review existing distribution agreements and advise if changes should be made to comply with national or supra-national competition laws
-  Advise on the selection and appointment of distributors and the planning, implementation and integration of distribution networks
-  Advise on new agreements
-  Advise how regulations affect relationships with distributors

If you are a first time or an experienced exporter the fact remains the same. Your export strategy should be an integral part of your overall business strategy. South London Export Club can guide you to the right markets where your product uniqueness is best appreciated and you can get the highest return on your investment in the shortest time. Supported wherever possible by either UK export funding or overseas government inward investment grants .

We regularly host or sponsor visits from foreign officials – see our Events or Directory for news.

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South London Export Club is well established in the South London Area. It operates across the South London and South East London boroughs 

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